Inspiration Every Day

It’s so easy to lose inspiration isn’t it? I mean what is that anymore right? Seriously when people ask me how¬†things are going these days I just respond with “oh you know, the usual chaos”. It’s no joke – just to write those last two sentences AND just now in the middle of this one, I’ve been interrupted 4 times by things you don’t even want me to write about. If you are a mom then I have said plenty. You get it.

Oh, but I want to vent a little more because today I had a friend visit with me for 30 minutes before realizing an hour later¬†that my hair was pointing in all directions thanks to the creative styling of my daughter and I didn’t exactly remember to put all appropriate clothing on.

The thing is though, I woke up this morning at 4:45 to the most adorable baby who was thrilled to see me, cuddle with me, and just enjoy the hour with me, and was once again INSPIRED to absolutely and without pause ENJOY every minute of this chaos. One day I will wish for the oatmeal spill all over the chair and the hard math problem we spent half the day on yesterday. What are your inspirations?

My inspirations are
Kids, Crochet, and Classical Conversations.
I hope you find some inspiration in what I share of these over the next few years while I enjoy my normal chaos. – Hannah