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Girls’ Ankle Boot Cuffs

Gianna’s Ankle Boot Cuffs

I received a Christmas order for a girl’s boot cuffs. Her tiny little ankles are so small that I made them with buttons instead of slip-on since I was worried they wouldn’t stretch properly over her feet. I had never made boot cuffs from any other color than the basics so the request for a light teal was different. I didn’t expect them to turn out as cute as they did!

I am sharing this pattern that I designed for a 7-year-old. I made up the pattern as I went along so let me know if you have any questions.

Skill Level: Moderate
Materials: Measuring tape, yarn needle, scissors, buttons
Yarn: 1 skein of Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand yarn in Aquamarine
*Substitutions: any worsted weight or 4 ply yarn
Note: only about ½ of the skein will be used
Gauge: boot cuff length is 7”
Hook Size: H
Size: Child Ankle: 7” before stretch. Measure just above boot for circumference. Subtract .5” for the width of the cuff.

Abbreviations and Stitches:
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sk – skip
vs – V-stitch here is dc, ch 1, dc in one st
mss – modified star stitch – I like the moogly tutorial, but I ended up only adding one stitch to the side of the previous star stitch instead of 2. This one stitch is the same as the 2nd she makes on the video (I just skipped the 1st completely). After you chain at the top of the star stitch, skip the chain, pull up from the side of the star stitch, pull up from the st last star stitch in, pull up from the next stitch, yo and pull through all 4 loops on the hook.

Hopefully, I’ll make a video for that one day. If you know what this modified version is called (if it exists), let me know!

R0: ch 30, turn

R1: beginning in 2nd ch from hook, sc across, turn (29)

R2: ch 1, pull up from each of the first 3 st, yo and pull through 4 loops on hook, ch 1 (starting star stitch made), sk ch 1, pull up from side of star stitch, pull up from st last star stick is in, pull up from next st, pull through all 4 loops on hook (second star stitch made), continue mss across, sc in last st, turn (14 star stitches + 1 sc)

R3: ch 1, sc across, turn

R4: repeat row  2

R5: sc across, turn

R6: ch 3, dc same st, sk 2, *vs in same st, sk 2* across, dc in last st, turn, ch 3

R7 – R9: repeat row 6

R10 – R12: repeat R3 – R5

Fasten off

Gianna's Bott Cuffs Open

Button Holes: attach to opposite end of foundation chain. sc, *ch 3, sc 3* 4 times, ch 3, sc, fasten off

Buttons: I attached 3 buttons on each cuff, but you could attach up to 5 with the number of button holes.

I am thrilled to offer you the PDF version of this pattern or you can save it to your Ravelry favorites!

Copyright Notice:

You are welcome to sell your finished items from this pattern. However, please do not copy, share, or redistribute the pattern itself in any manner. Please provide a link to my website if you choose to sell your finished items online, even if adjustments or embellishments have been made to my pattern. If you change the name to the item when you sell, mention the pattern name and link so that other people can find it).

You may link in this way: Gianna’s Ankle Boot Cuffs Crochet Pattern by Hannah at brightsideis.com.

If you have any questions or need help with this pattern, please contact me at [email protected] as I am happy to help you. Thank you for supporting my family by purchasing a pattern. – Hannah