Trolls Crochet Hats


I got this feeling down in my bones when I heard that Trolls Holiday was coming. Now it’s out and we’ve seen it 500 times. My kiddos LOVE the original Trolls movie and who can blame them? Fun music, vibrant colors, and a weird Troll Llama that um, produces cupcakes. Should I even mention Justin Timberlake? Moving on.

I originally made hats for Satin and Chenille, but my son wanted Branch too. I chose the happy Branch colors even though I’m partial to the sarcastic survivalist myself. He’s like to Troll version of Eeyore with a modern sarcastic twist. Definitely speaks to me.

Here’s your free pattern:

Trolls Hat Crochet Pattern



Skill Level: Moderate



Materials: Measuring tape, yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Pretty ‘n Pink or Turqua


Substitutions: any worsted weight or 4 ply yarn

Gauge: rows 1-7 approximately 5.5”

Hook Size: G, H, I


3 sizes in hats toddler to youth. Ears are regular or small.

Abbreviations Used:

st or sts – stitch or stitches

ch – chain stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

fpdc – front post double crochet

bpdc – back post double crochet

sl st – slip stitch

rnd(s) – round(s)

inv join – invisible join

Note about hat rounds: Keep your seam minimally visible by starting in the stitch after the chain, essentially skipping the first stitch and stitching into the slst at the end of the row. Join in beginning stitch as usual.

Pattern note: sc/hdc would be telling one to sc and then hdc in the same stitch

Special stitch: the bobble I used was a 6 strand sc bobble

Beginning of All Hats: H hook

R1: MR, hdc 8, join (8)

R2: ch 1, *inc* around, join (16)

R3: ch 1, *hdc, inc* around, join (24)

R4: ch 1, *hdc 2, inc* around, join (32)

R5: ch 1, *hdc 3, inc* around, join (40)

R6: ch 1, *hdc 4, inc* around, join (48)

R7: ch 1, *hdc 5, inc* around, join (56)

Skip to desired hat size

Toddler Hat: H hook

R8 – R15: ch 1, hdc around, join (56)

R16: ch 2, dc around, join (56)

R17: ch 1, *sc 6, sctog* around, join (48)

R18 – R20: ch 1, sc around, join (48)

Follow ear instructions. If you desire smaller ears, simply skip rows 5-6 of ear pattern and slst around.

Child Hat: H & I hook

R8: ch 1, *hdc 13, inc* around, join (60)

R9-R16: ch 1, hdc around, join (60)

R17: ch 2, dc around, join (60)

R18 – R20: ch 1, switch to I hook and sc around, join (60)

Youth Hat: H & I hook

R8: ch 1, *hdc 7, inc* around, join (63)

R9 – R17: ch 1, hdc around, join (63)

R18: ch 2, dc around, join (63)

R19 – R21: ch 1, switch to I hook and sc around, join (63)

Ears: H hook

Smaller ears may be made by eliminating rows 5-6 and simply slst around as R5.


R1: ch 4, turn, sc 2nd ch from hood, sc, 2 sc, continue around, sc 3, mark and continue in rounds (7)

R2: *2 sc, sc 2* twice, sc/hdc (10)

R3: sc 2, sc/hdc, hdc/dc/hdc, hdc/sc, sc, slst, bobble, slst, slst blo (14)

R4: 3 sc blo, sc 2 blo, hdc blo, 2 hdc blo, 3 dc both loops, 2 hdc blo, sc 3 both loops, sk, fpslst around bobble post, slst into bobble st (may feel like it’s behind the st just done), sk, slst/hdc blo in last st (20)

R5: hdc/sc/sc, 2 sc, sc 3, hdc 3, 2 hdc, 3 dc, 2 hdc, sc 6 in 3rd loop (will have to “make” a 3rd loop behind the stitches that don’t naturally have one), bobble st in two loops of existing bobble, slst to post of 2nd st from last row (pulling the bobble towards inner ear), don’t move marker yet

R6: slst where the marker is, remove and place marker, slst 2, turn and slst in stitch just past the bobble, turn, slst around ear until reaching the last stitch. Last slst will go through bunched loops created by curving the ear, thus tying them to the ear. Fasten off with tail for sewing. Attach to seam of hat at the bottom 3-5 rows depending on look desired. Form ear to appear as desired.


R1: ch 4, turn, sc 2nd ch from hook, sc 2, continue around, 2 sc, sc 2 (7)

R2: hdc/sc, *sc 2, 2 sc* twice (10)

R3: slst blo, slst, bobble, slst, sc, sc/hdc, hdc/dc/hdc, hdc/sc, sc 2 (14)

R4: hdc/slst blo, sk, slst into bobble, fpslst around bobble st post, sk, sc 3 blo, 2 hdc blo, 3 dc, 2 hdc blo, hdc blo, 2 sc blo, 3 sc blo, slst, turn (21)

R5: ch 1, hdc/sc/sc, 2 sc, sc 3, hdc 3, 2 hdc, 3 dc, 2 hdc, sc 6 in loop below front loop, bobble in two loops of existing bobble, slst below bobble and inside ear to secure placement, slst to beginning of row

R6: slst around pulling up any loose or bunched pieces; slst join. Sew ears on 30 st apart.


Eyebrows: G hook

Ch 12, turn, hdc 3rd ch from hook, sc 2, slst 2, sk 2, slst, fasten off. Attach to brows with eyelash glue.


Copyright Notice:

You are welcome to sell your finished items from this pattern. However, please do not copy, share, or redistribute the pattern itself in any manner. Please provide a link to my website if you choose to sell your finished items online, even if adjustments or embellishments have been made to my pattern. If you change the name to the item when you sell, mention the pattern name and link so that other people can find it).

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