Classical Conversations Visual Flashcards

Classical Conversations Science Flashcards

I consider my daughter to be a kinesthetic learner, not a visual learner, but she loves these flashcards. I think it must be the act of coloring and making them. If you have a child in the Classical Conversations Essentials class then you have experienced the IEW Vocab Flashcards. We love them! My daughter has enjoyed coloring them each summer for the coming year. More importantly, she grasps the definitions so much better with those silly pictures. That’s why I decided to make “vocab” cards for her CC memory work this year. I have the science cards done for Cycle 2 and will be adding more (hopefully) each week.

I’m already partially finished with English Grammar.

 You may have this set for FREE and I’m working on the complete set, coming soon!

 Classical Conversations Science Cycle 2