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Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Placemats

I started making CC placemats for my visual and kinesthetic children a couple years ago. Here’s a page my daughter filled out from my blank version.

For my previous placemats I went all out with drawings for every little piece of memory work. I’ve since lost all of the information on my server (LONG story) and am trying to build my website again from scratch. With an additional baby in tow it’s taking me quite a bit of time!



Here is the fill-in-the-blank version of the Cycle 3 placemats. I hope they are helpful to you in the upcoming year. You can try out the first few weeks HERE to see if you enjoy them!



Want the full color version instead? I’m so excited to say that after months of work between little strawberry baby kisses – I’ve finally finished the full color pages – now with Bible as an option for all 24 weeks!

Blessings and joy in every moment — Hannah