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Mia’s Toddler Ponytail Hat

I made a messy bun hat for one of the cutest little girls I know. Toddlers don’t always have enough hair to make a messy bun, so I’m calling it a ponytail hat. Isn’t it cute? Ok, Mia definitely helps with that precious face and gorgeous curls.

I’m sharing my pattern with you for free! You can also add it to your Ravelry queue. Enjoy <3 Hannah

Mia’s Toddler Ponytail Hat
Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Materials: Measuring tape, yarn needle, scissors, stitch marker, small 1.5” hair band


1 skein of Baby Bee Baby Mine!, Sugar’N Spice

1 skein of Yarn Bee Confection Chunky, Meringue

   Substitutions: any DK weight yarn for the hat and any bulky weight for the bow

Gauge: 4” = 19 stitches and 21 rows in the H hook section of pattern
Hook Size: G, H, L

SizeToddler 18”-20” head circumference


Abbreviations Used:

st or sts – stitch or stitches

ch – chain stitch

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

sl st – slip stitch

rnd(s) – round(s)

inv join – invisible join

FSC – foundation single crochet

Hat: Baby Bee Baby Mine!, Sugar’N Spice

Rounds 1-28 are stitched in a continuous round. Use a stitch marker between rounds.

Rnd 1: sc 14 around girls hairband, mark place with stitch marker (14)

Rnd 2: *sc, 2 sc* around (21)

Rnd 3: *sc 2, 2 sc* (28)

Rnd 4: *sc 3, 2 sc* (35)

Rnd 5: *sc 4, 2 sc* (42)

Rnd 6: *sc 5, 2 sc* (49)

Rnd 7: *sc 6, 2 sc* (58)

Rnd 8: *sc 7, 2 sc* (63)

Rnd 9: *sc 8, 2 sc* (70)

Rnd 10: *sc 9, 2 sc* (77)

Rnd 11: sc 10, 2 sc* (84)

Rnd 12-27: sc around (84)

Rnd 28: sc 82 (around until last 2 st), slst 2 (82 sc + 2 slst)

Rnd 29: change to G hook, dc around skipping last slst, inv join (83)

Rnd 30: ch 1, sc around, do not join, mark to continue in rounds (83)

Rnd 31-36: sc around (83)

Rnd 37: sc 82, slst, fasten off

Bow: Yarn Bee Confection Chunky, Meringue

FSC 65 with L hook, approximately 30” long. Weave chain in and out of every 2 dc’s of hat leaving approximately 6-7” tail out of each end of chain (12-16 fsc’s). Tie bow.

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